Venture North

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Before I graduated, I was tasked to complete an internship. After several months of looking, I landed the gig of designing a website for the beloved Venture North television show on PBS. After getting the job and realizing what it would involve, I realized one crucial fact. Lake Superior College didn't teach me squat.

I easily spent the better part of a year building this website, while teaching myself databases along the way. It is the very first database driven website I made. It is also the biggest website I have ever made. The complexities of building this site still makes my brain hurt.

The main objective was designing a full blown website while allowing it to be updated by a person who never touched html code in their life. The level of knowledge I gained throughout the construction is immeasurable. It's one of the best experiences of my life. Also one of the most stressful.

Sadly, about a month after I released the final version of the website to the public, PBS decided to cancel Venture North. And frankly, I'm still quite mad about it. I could have saved myself lots of stress if I had known that they were going to cancel it, since I built the site to handle future seasons. Oh well, the lessons learned were invaluable.