St. Mark's Church

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St. Marks Episcopal church in Moscow, Pennsylvania was my church growing up. My folks still attend. When I was tasked to do a final project for school one semester, this is the website that I created.

The project was to pair up with a partner and develop a website for someone in the business community. Well, I was absent the day parteners were assigned so I was forced to fly solo for the project. Which is fine since it gave me freedom to find a project I liked.

My father created the original St. Marks website back in probably the late 90's. By the time of this re-design, the original look was getting pretty dated. I approached my father about letting me cut loose on the website and bring it into modern times. He eagerly accepted and pretty much gave me total creative freedom.

This was the first website I completed for a target audience that didn't include me. I learned all sorts of stuff about layers and widgets while making this website. Since completion, I handed the reins to my father who continues to update it to this day.