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Here you can find out more information about me if you so desire.

This is a gallery of various graphics and animations I have created throughout the years.

This is a listing of a lot of the class assignments I completed throughout my schooling.

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This is a listing of all the websites I have created either for myself or for others.

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These are profiles for various websites that I have created for myself and others.

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This is just a random list of links for websites I like to frequent.

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Webmaster's Note...

Everyone needs a little slice of cyberspace. Well this is mine. Welcome aboard.

This site is basically my online portfolio. All the work I have done in my career as a Web Developer thus far will be posted to this site. This includes any websites I have created, class assignments I have created, profiles I created for member sites, and any other amenities I deem necessary. After looking over this website, you should have a fairly good idea of what I am capable of and maybe even learn a little about who I am as a person.

One thing to note, this page will be under construction for a little while. I have to do a lot of gathering of content to do. Throughout the years things have become a bit scattered. So bear with the construction please. Thanks


June 11, 2009 - Finally an unpdate!

  • Although it's finally an update, it's a slight one. Life has been pretty busy and my internship project has kept me pretty fried..
  • Updated the Websites links. Added a few more websites that I have constructed since I last updated my portfolio. Have a peek at them!
  • Did some cosmetic changes. Added some design to the header and footer bars. Changed the color of the left side bar since it was annoying certain individuals. Also changed the color of the right sidebar to make it stand out more. Still have no idea what the hell I'm gonna put in there though.

September 4, 2008 - Construction continues. Changes include...

  • Further menu re-structuring to accomodate future plans.
  • Work has begun on the Assignments section. The structure is up and some content has been added. More will come.

September 3, 2008 - Construction re-started on this website. Changes include...

  • About Me section has had heavy work done to it.
  • Menu structure changes
  • Links verified and no longer underlined.