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Here you can find out more information about me if you so desire.

This is a gallery of various graphics and animations I have created throughout the years.

This is a listing of a lot of the class assignments I completed throughout my schooling.

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This is a listing of all the websites I have created either for myself or for others.

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These are profiles for various websites that I have created for myself and others.

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Welcome to my Assignments section. Here you will find many of the assignments that I have created for my schooling. They range from all sorts of techniques, so you'll just have to poke around to see what ya find.

This section is broken down in to a few parts. Class Sites can be used to see websites created to house assignments that I have completed for classes in Dreamweaver, HTML/XHTML, and JavaScript. The other areas feature the work I have completeded, directly on this site.

Enjoy your stay. I hope ya like what you see!

Throughout my schooling, obviously I have taken a bunch of classes and learned all sorts of nifty things in Web Design. This section is basically a launch pad to see the work I have completed for major classes I took. These classes required me to build my assignments into a website so I present them to you here in their original format.



Flash is a class I most certainly enjoyed. The class was a ton of fun. I created a bunch of neat things I really never thought I'd be able to do. The book we had was super easy to follow and it really made life easier. The only bad thing was we learned on the Macromedia version of Fireworks and now Adobe's version is quite different. So re-learning it has been quite the task.



My Flash Final

Learning Fireworks was a challenge for me. After spending years of using Photoshop, learning a different photo software was tricky. I am pretty stubborn after all. As the course went along, I discovered a lot of little things that Photoshop didn't have. And also vice-versa. So having knowledge on both programs turned out to be pretty beneficial after all.

Normally I hate computer programming. I'll be honest, most the computer languages go over my head. That's why I am a designer and not a programmer. I took a C# class and I hated it. So the next semester, when I had to take this Java programming course, I was none too pleased. But surprisingly, I had quite a bit of fun. It was still very difficult for me to catch on to, but once I did, it all came out kind of neat. Will I heavily do it in the future? Oh, god no.