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So you want to know more about Eric Welsch, eh? Well I guess you have come to the right place for that. In this section you will find all sorts of stats about me. Some you may want to know, and some you may not. I guess that's how life goes.

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This is going to be where I babble incessantly about myself for those who care to read it.



Eric Richard Welsch

Duluth, MN 55805

(218) 591-1649




·     To obtain an internship in Web Design.





Lake Superior College


Duluth, MN

·     Computer and Web Programming, diploma expected December 2008

·     Accounting and Liberal Arts courses in 2001



Computer skills



·     Proficient in: HTML,XHTML, XML, CSS

·     Familiar with: C#, Java, JavaScript


·     Design: Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Flash

·     Platforms: Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows XP




1999- present

·     A+ Hardware/Software education.

·     Developed portfolio page for students in college.

·     Developed website for St. Mark’s Episcopal Church.

Work Samples


·     www.killerpuppies.net





·     Experience in Web Design and Microsoft Office Applications since 1999.


For no apparent reason, I'll share a list of my favorite things. Cause lists are fun, right?

Need to contact me for some reason? Well, a few ways to do so are listed below. Please do not spam me or any nonsense like that please. Otherwise I get cranky. No one likes me when I'm cranky people say. So be smart is all I ask. Thank you!